Software Developers in Pakistan – Stackoverflow Survey 2015

stackoverflow survey

Just went through awesome survey of software developers done by Stackoverflow for year 2015. Pakistan was missing on the webpage but data was available to review in CSV format. From that CSV file I am going to share Pakistan software developers stats here. Wherever it would be possible I will compare Pakistan’s stats with India’s and Bangladesh’s stats too.

Stackoverflow Users of Pakistan

There are 162,947 active Pakistani users of Stackoverflow and among these 121 are regular respondants. If we compare it to India then there are 3,157,394 active users and among these 2461 are active respondants. Similarly in Bangladesh there are 66,210 active users and 50 active users.

Average Age

Average age of developer in Pakistan is 25.2 years as compare to average age in India which is 25 years. So the developers in Pakistan and India are young as compare to USA which is 31.6. Average age all over the world is 28.9 years.


Gender difference in Software development field is no different then the rest of the world. There are 92.1% males and 5.8% females in development field all over the world and almost same stats stands true for Pakistan as well.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (or related field) 56%
On-the-job training 31%
I’m self-taught 28%
Masters degree in Computer Science (or related field) 12%
Online class 16%
Mentorship program 2%
Intensive code “boot-camp” or night school 1%


Field Average Experience
Back-end web development 4 Years
Front-end web development 3.2 Years
Full-stack web developer 5.5 Years
Mobile developer 3 Years
Desktop developer 6 Years

Side Projects And Open Source

20+ hours per week 13%
10-20 hours per week 11%
5-10 hours per week 18%
2-5 hours per week 13%
1-2 hours per week 12%
None 4%


Most Popular Technologies

Javascript 57%
Java 48%
SQL 41%
PHP 38%
C# 26%
C++ 13%
Node.js 10%
AngularJS 10%
Python 9%
Objective-C 6%
Ruby 4%
C 2%

Desktop Operating System

Windows 7 47%
Windows 8 21%
Mac OS X 13%
Linux 1%
Windows XP 1%

Text Editor

NotePad++ 38%
Sublime Text 17%
Vim 4%
Coda 1%

Above options were given by Stackoverflow and there were few others too like XEmacs and but there were no users for these editors. There was also option to write in your own preferred text editor and users responses were mostly Visual Studio, Netbeans, PHPStorm, WebStorm, Dreamweaver, Textpad, Xcode and Bracket.

IDE Theme

Dark 25%
Light 42%
I don’t use an IDE 4%

Source Control

Git 79%
SVN 36%
TFS 12%
CVS 5%
Mercurial 1%
I don’t use source control 10%

Source Control

Git 79%
SVN 36%
TFS 12%
CVS 5%
Mercurial 1%
I don’t use source control 10%

Tabs VS. Spaces

Tabs 57%
Spaces 12%
Huh? 11%

Though most developers prefer tabs to spaces but as they gain experience developers start preferring spaces over tabs

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