Best Recommendable Jquery Gallery Plugin – Galleria

Recently my client asked to implement gallery in a project which has following functionalities 1. Beside gallery slideshow, if clicked on gallery main image it should pop out a bigger images gallery as well. 2. It should also display title and description of the image. 3. Should be responsive as well. 4. Can work in Continue reading

Zendesk API Implementation In Codeigniter

Recently I had to implement the Zendesk API for exporting users to Zendesk. First here is the controller file created on this path application/controllers/admin/admin_zendesk.php

Add the following line to application/config/routes.php to access the export_users function

Now you can access the URL or http://localhost/admin/zendesk/export_users to see above code in action. In controller code on line 66, I Continue reading